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This is the Privacy Policy of this Platform

This Privacy Policy stipulates the procedure underlining how Oumigosh Nigeria Limited  obtains and uses Personal Information and other information  on this Platform.

This Privacy Policy shall be reviewed and/or modified/and/or altered periodically with or without notifications posted on this Platform and/or sent to you, therefore always endeavour to periodically review this Privacy Policy in order to identify such revisions and/or modifications and/or alterations as shall be introduced to it from time to time. Please note that we have stratified this Privacy Policy into different headings for the sake of convenience only.

By clicking Sign Up and Accept you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and Oumigosh’ Terms and Conditions of Use.

Personal Information: include, but not limited to your name, address, occupation, guarantor(s), reference(s), phone number, email address displayed publicly on this Platform as obtained from you and nd/or any other information you provide us with.

 Personal Information on this Platform

Kindly note that this Platform automatically saves and/or retrieves all the Personal Information you shall provide us with  and we may use such Personal Information to promote this Platform and our products without seeking and obtaining your permission.

We may communicate with you by emails, and/or through social media platforms, and/or through text messages, and/or through  phone calls and/ or by posting on this Platform. Please note that we may store the history of our communication with you. You understand and agree that we may send you messages on all issues respecting this Platform, including issues relating to security.

Safety of Personal Information
We shall at all times use our best endeavours to ensure that the Personal Information you provide us with on this Platform is safe. However, we do not guarantee the security of such Personal  Information as the internet is generally unsafe. You agree that in the event such Personal I information comes to the public domain we shall not bear any liability and/or damages and/or loss resulting from such.

Review of Our Privacy Policy
Kindly note that we reserve the right to review and/or alter this Privacy Policy. You agree to periodically review this Privacy Policy so as to be aware of such reviews and/or updates and/ or alterations as we are not under any obligation to notify you of such reviews and/or updates and/ or alterations.

Governing law
You agree that where any dispute arises with respect to this Privacy Policy it shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the resolution of such dispute shall be as stipulated under Oumigosh Nigeria Limited Terms and Conditions of Use.

Transfer of Data
You hereby undertake to use your Personal Information and data in strict compliance with this Privacy Policy
You hereby undertake to transfer data to the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Information Storage
Regarding the storage of Personal Information on this Platform, kindly note as follows:
That by using this Platform for any reason whatsoever, you authorize us to compile and save your details, and any Personal Information you provide us with, or that you provide on this Platform;

That we may store and retrieve such messages that we exchange with you on this Platform;

That it is your duty to ensure that the Personal Information you provide us with on this Platform is accurate;

That we have the right to save and accordingly retrieve from your browser without notifying you, your location and any other information about you.

Technologies and Cookies
We constantly put in place data files, cookies and other technologies on this Platform which shall identify you and save your preferences. Where you decide that you do not want such technologies, data files and cookies on your browser, you can delete them. It is pertinent to note that deleting or blocking such technologies, data files and cookies from your browser may impede the functionality of this Platform on your browser.

Corporate Restructuring
In the event we merge with or are acquired by any other company, your Personal Information shall be transferred to such company.

Sharing of Information on Social Networking Sites
Where you share your  Personal Information or any other information from the Platform on any social networking website, our Privacy Policy will not regulate their use of the Personal Information or any other information you have shared with them, neither would it control their use of such information.

Display of your Personal Information
Kindly note that your Personal Information on the Platform are visible to all.

Use of Your Personal Information
You agree that we may use your Personal Information for any purpose connected to improving the quality of this Platform, and also in the course of our service to you; communicating with you and for purposes connected to marketing.

You hereby undertake that this Privacy Policy shall not prevent us from disclosing your  Personal Information or any other information to law enforcement authorities during the investigation of this Platform or where you are being investigated for any reason whatsoever ,or where we seek to enforce this Privacy Policy.

You undertake that we shall fully disclose your  Personal Information and any other information in the course of defending this Platform, its activities, intellectual property rights, directors, company secretary, agents, and affiliates amongst others.

You undertake that we shall release your Personal Information during investigations for any claims arising from your use of this Platform.

You undertake that where the law requires us to disclose your Personal Information and/or any other information, we shall disclose it accordingly.

You undertake that we shall post your Personal Information or any other information you provide us with on this Platform.

Request and Confirmation from Third Parties
You agree that where we work with third party service providers and/or companies, in order to function affectively and serve you better, we may provide them with your Personal Information.. However, we may seek your permission to provide such third parties with your  Personal Information. We shall also request any kind of information concerning you from third parties without your permission with a view to verifying your Personal Information on this Platform and for any other purpose we consider necessary.

Recommendations and Observations
If you have recommendations and observations for us, please send such to


Oumigosh Limited Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234(704)620 6129

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